Bird Etching with gold leaf/ Vogel Ets met bladgoud (30×24)

250.00 75.00

This Ets is on sale, because the paper is a bit bend. paper is not teared, only a bit off. Will still look nice in a frame.

size 30×24, but with extra paper around the picture

Etching is in my blood. My grandfather had a little etching school and a gallery to sell the etchings at Oosterpark in Amsterdam. A long time ago of course, I was too young to be part of it, but it found me anyway. What makes etching so special is that you do not draw on paper but on a metal plate.
Directly scratching the plate is called dry-needle technique but you can also apply a layer of wax and then scratch your drawing in it. The plate then goes into an acid bath to bite out the drawing. If you then take the wax off, your drawing is bitten in the metal plate. Then rubbing ink and printing, which happens with a large, heavy etching press.
The price for a customised etching starts at € 485,-

Please contact me for any questions or inquiries.

Dimensions 30 × 24 cm
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