Total Wall Concept


Welcome to my Total Wall Concept

A concept that will create a beautiful wall with all different kinds of art work.

Chosen by you than made and put together by Me.

Some created especially for you.

Different styles, presented together as one.

A wall of memories collected over time.



Surging for a style of my own I became quite divers.  Now I want to use this diversity and inspire people to buy (my) art. Buying art, People tell me, is not that easy. Often too many options and too many opinions . Big paintings are big money and to choose only one can be a challenge. I create the big art work, only more flexible in style, form and presentation as in motion, as you can always re-arrange.

Hoe werkt het?

So, how does it work?

When you are interested in creating a total wall concept, we start by talking on the phone. About your wishes and your budget.

I will talk you through all the possibilities and what they will cost. Choosing will be like eating out Chinese, you just pick the ones you like from the list I send you.

All will depend on the size of the wall and it’s surroundings. If required I will come to your home.

You will gather as many pictures as we need and we will go through them together. Sometimes if needed I come to your house to make some pictures, this especially when portraits are a part of your wall.

As you can see from the pictures above, there are many different possibility’s, like painting, drawing, Ets, Silkscreen, something on plaster, wood or on the wall. Creating an Etching or A silkscreen are time consuming, but what makes it interesting is, they are quite easy to reproduce.

So if I you let me reproduce the ets or silkscreen I made for you, you’ll get yours cheaper.

I also collect little art-affects that you can buy, like boxes, frames and more.

When all the artwork is done there are 3 options:

1- I bring you all the works and you hang them yourself,

2- I bring you all the works, you hang them yourself, but I make you a layout with measurements ( Extra charge)

3- I bring you all the works and I hang them for you ( Extra charge)

If you live outside the Netherlands I could create the whole concept in small with all the right measurements and send it all together. ( Extra charge)

  From Picture to Painting.

From Picture to Pop-art Painting

From Picture to Inkt drawing to Etching

From picture to Etching.

From Picture to Portret on Plaster.

From Picture to Painting.

Werk op maat

Mijntje Strengholt

Telefoon: +31 6 50 69 89 74

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