Behind the Wall



“Project R&M – Behind the Wall” was a collaboration between visual artists Roney George (BR) and Mijntje Strengholt (NL).

For 45 days they worked together in Mijntje’s studio, the former atelier of Karel Appel, in Amsterdam. The opening was on the 23rd of April, on a beautiful gallery situated on the top floor of the same building.

Starting from the exploration of the themes of “All the Women in The World” (Roney’s on-going project about the feminine) and Roney George’s striking experience when visiting the Red Light District in Amsterdam in 2013, the artists developed a new idea for a collaboration when in 2014 they met each other in Salvador da Bahia and Mijntje got in contact with Candomblé and Bahia’s spirituality.

“Behind the Wall” is a research, a proposal for the materialization of the encounter between artists from two completely different backgrounds but connected by spirituality, figurative expression and fearless artistic verve.

For the whole story, foto’s and video’s go to Facebook ‘project R working title’