As I love teaching and all my art classes stopped because of covid, I started teaching online. A big thing for me, as I’m terrified of computers. But I overcame my fear and it turned out to be a succes! For all my students. Even got more people to join in. I loved all the happy people telling me,  they were so proud of their paintings. So inspiring!

My students say: Mijntje’s classes are easy to follow creative and fun.

Inspired, I decided to also start teaching in English as I love this language!

After a lot of hard work my first class now is available at Skillshare.

My Class Referral link

My next step is going live in English, wich is totally exciting.

I’ll start with some free classes to practise and my first free live painting webinar will be on februari the 3rd

US 10:30-12:30 eastern time 

Brazil 12:30-14:30 UCT-3 Brazilia time

UK 15:30-17:30

Holland/ Europe 16:30-18:30

You need no painting experience to be part of my webinar, you do need some materials though.

Like to join to help me practice? Love seeing you! please e-mail me

Welcome to mijntje’s masterclass!


 Materials you need for my class:

✤ Mixed media paper, or water color paper 12-16 inch.

✤ Tape to tape your paper to a board.

✤ A board of any kind( board can be anything, as long at it is firm)

✤ A palette ( disposable)

✤ A pelette knife for mixing the colors

✤ Paint ( studio quality will do fine)

Yellow, Red, Blue, White and Black

✤  Charcoal or chalk for sketching

✤ Two brushes, one about half an inch wide, other one round and pointy.

✤ An old piece of cloth or paper towel





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